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Parallel Lines
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Parallel Lines

Welcome to 
4WD Education

Leader in 4WD, recovery and towing
training, education  and consultancy.


Practical and educational 4WD Training, that exceeds any Nationally Recognised Courses, Guaranteed.

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Parallel Lines

Kev and Jan the Directors, owners and founders of Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education developed the company to be one of the premier providers of both corporate and recreation advanced driver training.


After 20 years, Kev and Jan have decided to step back from Nationally Recognised Advanced Driver Training to focus more on the practical elements of recreational, 4WD, recovery and towing Education and Consultancy.


Australian 4WD and Advanced Driver Education is now in partnership with Link Resources and continues to deliver vocational and industrial National Recognised Driver Training.

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Bespoke 4WD Education


Bespoke Advanced Driver Training Course.

Please Note:

1. Course dates are listed at the bottom of the Bush, Sand and Recovery page.

2. Bespoke courses are not Nationally Recoginised courses. However, exceeds any Nationally Recognised Course, practically and educational.

3. If you require a Statement of Attainment, please click on the following link, as an example:

4. Bespoke Driver Training Course can be tailored and delivered to:

  • Company specific driving and recovery requirments;

  • groups of 4 or more participants; or

  • 1 on 1 Individual Driver Training.

Bespoke Specific Courses

We offer recreational 4WD Bush and Sand Education, Vehicle Recovery, Towing and consultancy services.

All our services are tailored to the individual, their vehicle and particular circumstances.

Education sessions can be delivered to Companies, 4WD groups, Dealerships or 1 on 1 individual basis. 

4WD Bush, Sand & Recovery

The aim of this course is to familiarise drivers with the key features, capabilities and limitations of their off-road capable vehicle, whilst developing a clear understanding of the correct and safe use of a 4WD vehicle in an off-road situation, where protection of their passengers, the vehicle and the environment, can be demonstrated.

Practical Towing Training, to suit your caravan, campervan, trailer.

Drive and Manoeuvre a Trailer has been developed to enhance your on-road and off-road towing skills, by covering easy-to-learn towing techniques, which are designed from extensive experience in all types of situations involving the full range of trailers.

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Bespoke 4WD Education offers Company Specific Advanced Driver and recovery training, 1 on 1 (one on one), tour groups or Dealership specific driver education for those people who wish to have more individualised training. Having a driver training and education designed specifically for your company and your vehicle which has been uniquely developed to your requirements is an invaluable resource.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

Thanks for your enquiry, we will get back to you as sooon as we can.

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