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4WD Bush, Sand & Recovery

To cover the many subjects that we know to be essential for the traveller to enjoy their 4WD journey, we have developed our comprehensive 4WD Bush, Sand & Recovery Training Weekend and expanded upon some of our training elements, providing the “all in one” training package, whilst maximising your practical hands on and driving experience.

The intention is to give you as much opportunity as possible to increase your knowledge, driving skills and confidence on four-wheel driving in a variety of mild to extreme terrain, over the 2-day training.

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Description ~ Our 4WD Bush, Sand and Recovery Training Weekend covers the skill and knowledge required to use appropriate high & low range, correct gear selection and techniques to drive a 4WD vehicle through and over different bush and sand terrain and coordinate safe vehicle recovery techniques, using a range of recovery equipment.

Aim ~ The aim of this course is to familiarise drivers with the key features, capabilities and limitations of their off-road capable vehicle, whilst developing a clear understanding of the correct and safe use of a 4WD vehicle in an off-road situation, where protection of their passengers, the vehicle and the environment, can be demonstrated.

To drive a 4WD efficiently requires additional skill, knowledge and confidence. Poor driving habits in a 4WD vehicle can unknowingly increase your maintenance costs considerably, the repercussions of which can be expensive, and at worst life threatening.

Travelling Safely off road and/or around this extensive country enjoying its magical landscape requires some degree of knowledge and experience.

Bush & Sand


Although our Trainers can teach you how to use your 4WD vehicle off-road safely in one day, unfortunately the following skills cannot be packaged into a single day;

  • Understanding your legal requirements of the vehicle’s specifications and vehicle dynamics.

  • Vehicle inspections, maintenance and trip preparation,

  • How a 4WD vehicle works and the 4 types of 4WD vehicles,

  • Differences between 4 high range and 4 low range and when to use them,

  • Capabilities, limitations, the key features (HDC, 2nd start, ESP, Diff Lockers, turn assist, crawl, etc);

  • Vehicles blind spots, turning circles, seating position (for action & safety),

  • Correct off road driving techniques, wheel placements (not spinning), correct gear and 4WD range (for maintaining momentum, not speed),

  • Sand driving techniques,

  • Stuck and incident avoidance.

  • Coordinate recovery of a 4WD vehicle, safely without harm, injuries or fatalities, damage to the vehicle and equipment and minimum environmental impact. This will include:

    • Risk assessment, eliminating recovery forces, calculating TPR,

    • Correctly and safe use of Maxtrax, Tow Straps, Snatch Straps, Vehicle Mounted Winch (if fitted).

  • Crash free driving techniques and essential items and equipment for off road driving,

  • Environmental appreciation.

  • Essential and emergency 4WD equipment.

What to Bring

All you are required to bring is:

  • Your 4WD Vehicle and driver’s license,

  • pen and notepad,

  • appropriate outdoor wear, including  covered footwear, sunscreen and hat,

  • Morning tea, a light lunch and plenty of drinking water,

  • Folding chair,

  • a tyre gauge, and

  • Sand dish mats are recommended (to keep the mud, dirt and sand within the mats).


The commercial activity permit of Bespoke 4WD Education will allow you to undertake the course, without purchasing your own Vehicle Access permit for Bribie Island.  You will be required to stay with the Bespoke 4WD Education group at all times, which includes leaving the beach at the conclusion of the course, unless you have and display your own vehicle access permit.   

If you wish to access the beach prior to or after the course you will need to purchase your own permit.  The fees are as follows for the purchase of your own permit for Bribie Island Recreation Area:     

  • 1 week or less = $53.65

  • more than 1 week (up to 1 year) = $167.60

How to Book your 2-days 4WD Bush, Sand and Recovery Course

  • If you wish to book, you will be required to complete the course booking form. 

  • Please contact us for further information on the Course Booking Form.

  • Once we receive the course booking form we can enrol you in the course and will then provide a confirmation of your booking.

This Confirmation Will Include:

  • What to bring.

  • Pre-course Assignment (all about your particular vehicle).

  • Course timings and location.

  • Directions to the location.

  • Course invoice  – 

    • Which can be paid by direct bank transfer, or credit card over the phone. 

    • Payments must be made 7 days prior to the course as dated on your invoice.   A reminder will not be sent.

Course Costs 

Our weekend course is competitively priced, and covers:

  • Online Pre-Course Assignments.

  • Both the bush and sand course.

  • Both the primary driver and your direct partner, of whom are encouraged to take part in both the theory and practical sessions. Please note:

    • a direct partner is (husband / wife / son / daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend / couples, as an example),

    • if you chose to bring a mate along, an extra $200, is applicable to the above fee. This is due to the limited spaces available for each weekend course and extra costs for a beach access permit,

  • Access to Bribie Island for the duration of the sand course.

  • The issue of a Certificate of Attendance for the primary driver and partner upon successful completion.

Please Note

Our courses provide an excellent opportunity for all participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required to drive a 4WD vehicle effectively and safely, in an educative and supportive environment. 

Due to the educational nature of our courses and in order to allow all participants to give their full attention to the course and gain the maximum benefit from the course,

  • we are limited to 2 people per vehicle (Primary Driver and Direct Partner). 

  • our driving courses are not suitable for children.

We Look Forward To Your Booking

Bespoke 4WD Bush, Sand & Recovery courses are scheduled, as follows:
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